29 Mouthwatering Discada Recipes Your Family Will Love - Agoralia Recipes (2024)


Street Style Discada Tacos

When it comes to street food, Mexican food reign supreme, especially tacos. Who doesn’t like tacos? The mixture of different types of meats, And vegetables wrapped in a tortilla served with different sauces.

This street food is popular in Mexico and the united states, the perfect comfort food. It’s filling, warm, and cheap! It’s also perfect for parties and gatherings.

And like a normal taco, this Discada taco recipe is unique, delicious, and hard to beat with the grilled meats and the warm tortillas.

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Cheesy North Discada

This is a must-try cheesy North Discada recipe. It’s suitable when you don’t know what to cook because cooking Discada is fast and simple. It’s not so different from the traditional decade recipe but has a delicious twist.

The Discada meat in this recipe is marinated with beer to tenderize the meat even more and add another layer of flavor.

After cooking this mouthwatering Discada, add a generous amount of your favorite cheese. The cheese will enhance the flavor of each component of the Discada dish.

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Shrimp and Octopus Discada

29 Mouthwatering Discada Recipes Your Family Will Love - Agoralia Recipes (1)

This discada recipe is for seafood lovers, But be careful this recipe is addictive!

This recipe has shrimp, octopus, and vegetables, so if you don’t like seafood, this recipe isn’t for you. Shrimp have a mild, salty, and a little sweet taste, and they can soak up the flavors of the vegetables and seasoning you add to the Discada.

Octopus is very similar to chicken and pork. It’s usually described as a milder version of chicken or pork meat, so don’t miss out on this delicious seafood dish.

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Sweet and Sour Discada Taco

Here you have this weekend’s recipe. This Discada recipe contains both flavors, which are sweet and sour. This balance is usually done with an added sauce, and in this Discada recipe, the sweet taste comes from the pineapple, and the sour taste comes from the Limon.

This recipe has ground meat, pork loin, ham, turkey meat, bacon, Mexican chorizo, chopped onion, and chopped cilantro for garnish.

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Tequila-Lime Chicken Wings Discada

Every Discada recipe has at least one type of meat, and this type of meat is everyone’s favorite: chicken wings. The recipe is delicious and fun, so it is perfect for a movie night or for a party.

The chicken wings in this recipe are marinated with tequila, and tequila adds a smoky flavor to your marinade. This Discada recipe also has lemon, which helps tenderize the meat and speed up the cooking process.

These wings are tender, delicious, and easy to make. After you try it, I am sure it will be your go-to chicken wings recipe.

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Street Discada Tacos with Salsa

Who doesn’t love to eat a taco? It is the perfect meal to eat when you want something fast and also cheap, so what is the difference between a normal taco and a Disacada taco? Add this to your list of Discada recipes.

A street taco is a traditional taco in Mexico. A street taco is served on a tortilla with meat, onions, and cilantro.

There is no cheese, tomatoes, or lettuce on traditional street tacos. But when it comes to normal tacos, they could have ingredients like cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, and other things. These tacos are perfect when served with salsa.

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Discada BBQ Bacon Burgers

29 Mouthwatering Discada Recipes Your Family Will Love - Agoralia Recipes (2)

We all love burgers and grew up eating them. It was and still is one of the most common dishes that you can find in any fast-food restaurant.

Even if you want to make it at home, it’s easy to make and affordable. Usually, a burger consists of a bun or a bread roll and feelings, and the filling usually is meat or a chicken patty, and these days you can find vegan options also.

It could also have tomatoes, lattice, and pickles. And this Discada burger is easy, and you can make bigger portions faster because of the wide Discada surface.

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Discada Patron

This discada recipe is perfect if you are planning on camping. The recipe is easy delicious, and filling. This recipe has sausage, bacon, and pork meat as a normal discada.

After cooking these meats, they are removed, then potatoes are added to the disc with the oil from the meats. After cooking the potatoes, you add peppers, onions, and the dish’s most interesting ingredient, shrimp.

After cooking the shrimp, add all the cooked ingredients to the disc. This technique ensures that nothing from the ingredients will get overcooked, and just like that, top the dish with a generous amount of your favorite cheese, and there you have your lunch for your next camping dinner.

Total Preparation Time: 45 minutes

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29 Mouthwatering Discada Recipes Your Family Will Love - Agoralia Recipes (2024)


What part of Mexico is Discada from? ›

Mexican Discada recipe is a traditional Mexican dish that originated in the northern states of Mexico. The dish is typically made on a large, concave metal disc, simply know as disco. It's a very versatile dish and the cuts and types of meat may vary depending on the situation.

What meats are used for a discada? ›

Discada is a mixed meat dish popular in the northern Mexican cuisine. The dish includes a mixture of grilled meats cooked on an agricultural plow disk harrow, hence its name. The basic meats for a traditional discada include beef (usually a flank cut), bacon, ham, sausage, and Mexican chorizo.

What does discada mean in English? ›

feminine noun (Latin America) collection of records.

What is another name for a discada? ›

Folks have been using the Discada (Plow Disc Cooker, Disco Cooker, Plow Disc Grill, Cowboy Wok or Disk Cooker) ever since the disc plow was around and it's been a secret of the Southwest for a long time.

What oil to use for discada? ›

Apply Oil: Once the discada is clean and dry, it's time to apply a thin layer of oil to the cooking surface. Use a high-heat oil such as vegetable oil, canola oil, or flaxseed oil. Use a paper towel to spread the oil evenly across the entire cooking surface, including the sides and handles.

What is meat grilled on a stick called? ›

In English, kebab, or in North America also kabob, often occurring as shish kebab, is now a culinary term for small pieces of meat cooked on a skewer.

Where did discada originate from? ›

This practice, commonly called "discada" (Spanish for cooking in an agricultural disk or disco) is a culinary secret from Mexico.

What region is carne asada from? ›

This type of carne asada is said to have originated in Northern Mexico, where cattle ranching forms a great part of the local economy. The state of Nuevo Leon where the city of Monterrey is the capital is said to be the epicenter of carne asada in Mexico.

Where were burritos invented in Mexico? ›

Juan Méndez, a street vendor in Chihuahua, Mexico, invented the burrito. During the Mexican Revolution in the 1910s, Méndez decided to wrap his food in flour tortillas to keep it warm and transport it on his small donkey. He then realized that wrapping the food in a tortilla was tasty and a good way to serve it.

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