Active Directory Management Tools | AD Pro Toolkit (2024)

Easy to use Active Directory Management and Reporting Software. Avoid the administrative gaps created by native tools and skip the time-consuming challenges of PowerShell with the all-in-one toolkit created to manage critical Microsoft AD environments and make your job simpler.

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AD Pro Toolkit Features

Here’s how the Active Directory Pro toolkit makes managing AD easy…

Bulk User Management

Easily bulk create and modify user accounts using a CSV file. Use our included csv templates, customize or create your own. Mass update or remove user account properties easily with no coding or scripting required. Simplify user account management and free up hours of time you’d otherwise spend painstakingly updating user accounts manually.

Template based User Creation

Create and modify single or bulk users with our included template system. Automate adding users to groups, setting user properties, add a manager, email address and more. This will help to improve accuracy and when creating user accounts.

AD Group Management

With our software you can easily modify users group membership. Bulk changes can be made by using a csv template or use the software to modify single users. In addition, you can create group membership reports to audit which groups a user is a member of.

200+ Active Directory Reports

Get accurate reports of users, computers, OUs, groups, and group membership. Reports can be run with the click of the button and requires no complicated scripting; this is a huge time saver and allows you to focus on more important tasks. Stay in compliance with our password reports, last logon, and inactive user reports.

Automate Reporting

The built-in scheduler allows you to automate reporting and other tasks such as creating or update user accounts. You can set the schedule and choose to have the results emailed or saved to a file.

Improve AD Security

The AD Pro Toolkit includes multiple tools to help improve the security of your Active Directory environment. Quickly identify stale accounts and remove or disable them, audit AD ACL permissions, scan shared folder permissions, find inactive computers and more.

Active Directory Tools

Below is a list of tools included in the AD Pro Toolkit.

AD User Creation Tool

Create single accounts or bulk import new Active Directory user accounts using a CSV template. Includes a template system to stream account creatin.

Bulk User Modification

Easily bulk update user account attributes or modify user fields.

AD Cleanup Tool

Find stale and inactive user and computer accounts in Active Directory.

Export AD Users Tool

Export all users, users from groups or OUs to a CSV, excel or PDF file.

Group Management Tool

Bulk update group membership, import groups, copy and report on AD groups.

AD ACL Scanner

Scan and report on delegated permissions to Active Directory objects.

Active Directory Reporting Tool

Over 200 easy to run reports for users, computers, groups, OUs and more.

Lockout Troubleshooter

Troubleshoot repeat account lockouts and find the source computer.

Local Admin Reports

Find users that have local admin rights on their computers.

NTFS Permissions Reporter

Check NTFS permissions on local and shared folders and sub-folders.


Getting Started Guide

AD Toolkit requirements, install steps, how to activate and update the software.

User Creation Guide

This guide shows you how to create single and bulk AD user accounts.

Update User Guide

This guide shows you how to bulk update users from a csv template.

AD Cleanup Tool

How to use the AD Cleanup tool to find stale user and computer accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the AD Pro Toolkit? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then pleasecontact us.

Does the AD Pro Toolkit support multiple domains?

Yes. It will auto-detect your domains based on current credentials. You can click the domain button to change authentication and connect to other domains or domain controllers.

Active Directory Management Tools | AD Pro Toolkit (2)

Do you have a tool to help with account lockouts?

Yes, the user Password Reset Tool can quickly display all locked users and the source of the lockout.

What is required to use the toolkit?

To create and bulk modify users you will need these rights in your Active Directory domain. This is often done by putting your account in the domain administrator group but can also be done by delegating these rights. Some tools like the last logon reporter, export, and group membership require no special permissions.

Is there a way to bulk update the manager, telephone numbers, and other user fields?

Yes, this is exactly what the bulk updater tool was created for. You can easily bulk update from a large list of user fields.

Can I bulk update and import accounts on a schedule?

Yes, both tools can be configured to run on an automated schedule.

I was just hired and Active Directory is a mess. Can the AD Pro Toolkit help?

The AD Cleanup Tool can help you find old user and computer accounts and bulk disable or move them. We have many customers that use this tool to cleanup their domain environments.

Can I install the software on multiple computers or servers?

Yes, with a site or MSP license. A single license is limited to installing the software on one computer.

Active Directory Management Tools | AD Pro Toolkit (2024)
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