Eve Gnosis Fit (2024)

1. Fit: Gnosis, PvE mission runner by Dom Arnoux | EVE Workbench

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2. Post your best Gnosis fits for PvE omega clone - EVE Online Forums

  • Meer resultaten van forums.eveonline.com

  • Looking for some solid fits for an omega clone well just because it’s a good looking flexible ship. The events, L3 and 4’s, exploration etc. Thanks.

Post your best Gnosis fits for PvE omega clone - EVE Online Forums

3. Eve Rookies Missions Gnosis Fit -

Eve Rookies Missions Gnosis Fit -

4. Gnosis - EVE University Wiki

  • 4 apr 2023 · All in all, the Gnosis has the ability to fit an impressive tank and deal a decent amount of damage. The Gnosis' bonus to scanner probe ...

5. Gnosis Fits? - Ships & Modules - EVE Online Forums

6. Ship Fits Archives - - Eve Rookies

  • Eve Rookies Missions Gnosis Fit · 2023-02-18 Kshal Aideron. The Gnosis is a battle cruiser from the Society of Conscious Thought. It doesn' ...

  • Alpha Accesible Missions Ship Fits

7. Gnosis PVE Fit? - EVE Search

  • 7 dec 2016 · With a fairly cheap fit ~150m ISK, including ship, I've managed an AC fit Gnosis with about 370dps offense and about 240dps tank against mostly ...

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8. Gnosis - EVE Wiki - Fandom

  • ... fit Warfare Link modules. Development. The SoCT's Gnosis-class cruiser is typically used as an exploration, research or training vessel and is well equipped ...

  • The Gnosis is a versatile Battlecruiser designed for exploration in hostile space. Extremely versatile, and the first Battlecruiser that an Alpha State Capsuleer can fly. 25% bonus to Medium Energy, Hybrid and Projectile Turret damage25% bonus to Heavy Missiles and Heavy Assault Missiles damage50% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage dealt by drones37.5% increase to scan strength of probes Role Bonus: Can fit Warfare Link modules The SoCT's Gnosis-class cruiser is typically used as an exploration

Gnosis - EVE Wiki - Fandom

9. Gnosis - EVE Online Reference

  • Role bonuses · Basic. Type ID, 3756. Published, True · NPC. Shield recharge time, 41 m 40.00 s · Cargo. Capacity, 900 m · Fitting. Powergrid Output, 1,200 MW. CPU ...

  • The SoCT's Gnosis-class battlecruiser is typically used as an exploration, research or training vessel and is well equipped for such activities. It is even better prepared, however, to guard such tasks from interruption and sabotage. Although The Society generally frowns upon violent behavior, extreme (and often, extremely violent) methods are taken to protect its own vessels and the secrets they may carry. This mission of acquiring, deepening and sharing knowledge is key to the philosophy of the SoCT, and one well-served by the capable and fearsome Gnosis.

Gnosis - EVE Online Reference
Eve Gnosis Fit (2024)
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